New, Exclusive Line of Downton Abbey® Lighting.

When River of Goods® was founded, the basis of our company was lighting. We live for lamps! Our buyers travel the world to look for inspiration for new designs and trends. As our product line grew to include furniture and rugs, our love for lighting never dimmed. We continue to sell classic designs and traditional styles alongside innovative technology and contemporary pieces. Now, we’ve “crossed the pond” to post-Edwardian era England for inspiration for our latest collection.

When Downton Abbey hit TV, we realized our lamps would be fitting for any room featured on the show. Stained glass lamps, elaborate cloth shades with scalloped edges and fringe details, and hand-blown accent lighting – these are styles and details that we regularly showcase. While watching the show we would find ourselves saying out loud, “We sell a lamp just like that one!” The next day in the office we would ask each other, “Did you see that lamp on the show last night?”… Read more

No time for perfect designs to grow your business?

River of Goods™ has been selling to catalog buyers for many years. We have many custom home décor product development success stories. Our #1 seller for the catalog was originally inspired by a fireplace screen. It was custom designed into our Birds on a Wire window panel on the request of a buyer. This beautiful product became the top seller of our catalog customer and they sold more than 10,000 pieces in 9 months (it was a pleasant surprise).


We have so much passion in assisting our customers to succeed by providing product designs that will help them to stand out in the crowded marketplace.  We believe in synergy.  Our buyers knows their market, River of Goods has the ability to create customized home décor products that are unique and specific for our catalog customers.


Come see us in Atlanta…….… Read more