The Power of Giving

I would like to share a personal story.  I have the privilege to design and find beautiful stained glass lamps for my career at River of Goods.  The evidence of the power of turning on the light and how the color triggers my emotions is growing stronger each day.  I know we all have our favorites.

One day, I picked one of my favorite lamps and gave it to a friend for her 85th birthday.  She put it on her bedside table, and each time I saw her she always told me how much she enjoyed the lamp.  Eventually, she developed Alzheimer’s disease and she lost most of her memories.  I can never forget the day that she said to me “you gave me the beautiful Tiffany lamp” while her overall memory has faded.  After her passing, the lamp was kept by her daughter.  Each time I see her daughter, she tells me how much she enjoys the lamp, and how much it reminds her of her mom.

Wow! The appreciation that I got from my friend and her daughter is so powerful. The pleasure for me was in the giving of this lamp. It may outweigh the appreciation of the recipient in this case (in my opinion). The whole experience has been priceless.

This personal experience, and many more heartfelt stories I have heard from our customers, has really inspired me and my team to get our Memory Lamps by Heartfelt Memories® out to our florist community. Customers go to floral shops to buy flowers and other gifts to celebrate different occasions.  We believe Memory lamps are the perfect complement to flowers.

I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love. Thank you for taking an interest by reading and hopefully sharing my story with others.