Lavina Lau

Finding Color Inspirations Abroad

In our experience we’ve found that color is one of the most important factors in the consumer buying decision. New, trending colors can completely change the look and feel of nearly any home decor piece.

Picture an armchair upholstered with a solid black fabric in a living room. It most likely blends in well with the rest of the space. Now picture the same chair upholstered in a fabric with intricate patterns and bright colors. Does it completely change the setting in your mind’s eye?

Our team members at River of Goods use a practical approach to apply colors to our products. We love to use a pop of trending colors to some of our accent pieces. At the same time, we make sure we have timeless colors to provide “safe” choices and ensure the sell through of inventory for our customers/buyers.

So where do our color inspirations can come from?… Read more

New Seasonal Decor Trend: Seaside Retreat

We’re thrilled to show you Seaside Retreat, which is one of our latest seasonal trends. Inspired by a secluded beachside getaway, this exclusive River of Goods collection features pieces made of unique materials with a natural look. These items set a relaxed tone to invite a peaceful tranquility into your home.

Take a look at a few of our featured home decor items from this new collection.

Turquoise Fabric Lamp – The detailed pattern on this shade combines beautifully with the turquoise base of this accent lamp. Its scalloped edging has a vintage look with unique design and texture.

Half-Shade Lamp – The intricate shapes on this lamp’s white, wooden base create a modern twist on a classic design. Its half-shade makes it fit perfectly in almost any area, including mantle places and end tables near a wall.

Seagrass Lamp – This seaside-inspired lamp features a textured, woven shade for a relaxed look.… Read more